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Workshop on Data -Driven Modelling 2017

8th of January to 9th of January 2018

Centre for Excellence in Computational Engineering and Networking (CEN),

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University).

About Data -Driven Modelling 2017

Data-driven dynamical systems is a burgeoning field-it connects how measurements of nonlinear dynamical systems and/or complex systems can be used with well-established methods in dynamical system theory. This is a critically important new direction because the governing equations of many problems under consideration by practitioners in various scientific fields are not typically known. Thus, using data alone to help derive, in an optimal sense, the best dynamical system representation of a given application allows for important new insights. The recently developed dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) is an innovative tool for integrating data with dynamical systems theory. The DMD has deep connections with traditional dynamical systems theory and many recent innovations in compressed sensing and machine learning.

The primary target audience of the workshop is MTech/M.Sc students, research scholars and faculty. We hope to have an interactive session, with a free exchange of ideas, views and comments. Please fill all the required details during registration. For more queries, please contact vinayakumarr77[at], barathiganesh.hb[at], harikrishnannb07[at]


  1. Prof. Elena Surovyatkina (Space Research Institute, Moscow)
  2. Dr. Veronika Stolbova (University of Zurich)
  3. Prof. Soman KP
  4. Prof. EA Gopalakrishnan
  5. Prof. Sarith P Sathian
  6. Prof. Sowmya V
  7. Mr. Barathi Ganesh HB

Program Schedule (tentative)

0n 8th

Talk Title: Will a transition to a low-carbon economy lead to the next financial crisis? Abstract

Speaker: Dr. Veronika Stolbova (FINEXUS Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

1. Fundamentals Linear Algebra and Optimization
2. Introduction to Proper Orthogonal Mode Decomposition
3. Introduction to Dynamic Mode Decomposition 
4. Introduction to Koopman operator
5. DMD and its Applications

On 9th

Talk Title: How to predict the upcoming spatially organized critical transition? Abstract

Speaker: Prof. Elena Surovyatkina (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Transdisciplinary Concepts&Methods, Potsdam, Germany; Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Space Dynamics and Data Analysis Department, Moscow, Russia)

1. Introduction to Non-linear Dynamics
2. Introduction to Fluid Dynamic Equations and Data Collection by Simulation
3. Nanofluidics
4. Data driven modelling : Onset & withdrawal of Indian Monsoon
5. Complex Networks

Venue: CEN class room


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