Welcome to my digital home, I'm Barathi Ganesh HB.

Cognitive Science Practitioner

About me

Who am I

Cognitive Science Practitioner and Research Scholar (Ph.D.) with good theoretical – practical experience in Linear algebra, Optimization, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Dimensionality Reduction Methods.

Specialized in the field of Natural Language Processing, Bio-Informatics, Data Mining, Image Processing, Speech Processing and Distributional frameworks.

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What I do

I offer Artificial Intelligence solutions by making use of cutting-edge methods in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Performing research in semantic space for developing contextual representation methods of texts for Natural Language Processing applications and developing information fusion methods for Transfer Learning.

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Neat facts

  • Coding: Python, R and Matlab
  • Education: Post Graduate (M.Tech) and pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Natural Language Processing
  • Systems: Linux and Windows
  • Frameworks: Apache Spark
  • Documentation Tools: LibreOffice, Microsoft Office and Latex
  • Languages: I speak and write Tamil and English!
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My Career

2015-today 2015-2017 2013-2015 2009-2013

Cognitive Science Practitioner

2015 - today

Pursuing Doctor of Philosphy (Ph.D.) and practising Natural Language Processing, Bio-Informatics, Data Mining, Image and Speech Processing.

Cognitive Science Practitioner


Practised Cognitive Science by developing Artificial Intelligence sollutions at Innovation Labs at Tata Consultancy Services and Accenture Services and Solutions.

M.Tech in Computational Engineering & Networking.

Amrita University

Specialized in Artificial Intelligence by having strong foundation in Linear algebra, Optimization, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

B.E in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Anna University

Basis for my research career and during my studies at the college I had fascination towards Digital Image and Signal Processing.


Social Networks

I continuously build and engage with forming professional network to access the knowledge, to share the knowledge and insights. You can find my professional network through LinkedIn and research network through Research Gate.

Share Networks

GitHub and Stack Overflow brings researchers together to work through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way. Its a trusted on-line community for learning and sharing the programming knowledge.

Research Literatures

I'm sharing my research outcomes through Google Scholar, which is freely accessible web search engine that indexes the research outcomes in the form of papers, experimental notes and working notes.

My tools


I found Python is an easy to code and a powerful programming language for text processing applications by writing machine learning algorithms in a clear and concise way. Python is a complete language and platform that we can use for both research and development and developing production systems also.


Its a package comprises the conventional machine learning algorithm to explore our data, to preprocess our data and can perform predictive and descriptive analytics in a concise way. Now with the image processing modules, I am able to practice the computer vision applications in a simplar ways.


I use it for developing deep learning based applications. It runs seamlessly on CPU as well as GPU. It helps me in fast prototyping my ideas to results. Without specifying any additional configuration could able to experience the power of deep learning in python.

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